AngularJS + CoffeeScript + Bootstrap + Tests in 10 minutes or less

So you want to build an AngularJS App? And you’ve heard good things about CoffeeScript? And you know good things about Twitter Bootstrap and sassy things about SCSS? And Uncle Bob is breathing down your neck about TDD?

I’ve got a little snippet to get you up and running in no time. It uses Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower to generate a boilerplate app with everything you need.

If you don’t have NodeJS and npm installed already, go ahead and take care of that.

Then, from the command line:

npm install yo grunt-cli bower generator-angular
yo angular --coffee
// `Y` for yes to bootstrap
// `Y` for yes to scss
grunt server // to run the app
grunt test // to run the tests

I highly recommend tearing the app apart, for your own benefit, especially the Grunt stuff. Grunt tasks are pretty powerful. May be a topic for another post….

Until then, happy projamming!

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