Angular Validation Part 1 – Form Basics

editPosted by Russell Matney on 11 Aug 2014
tags angular, directives

A quick but thorough introduction to inline validation and form control in AngularJS

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Testing Angular Apps End-to-End with Protractor

editPosted by Andrew Harrison on 12 Dec 2013
tags angularjs, protractor, testing

A brief look at using the new Protractor library for end-to-end testing.

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Maker Day FTW!

editPosted by Russell Matney on 12 Nov 2013
tags maker day

On Maker Day, you make.

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AngularJS + CoffeeScript + Bootstrap + Tests in 10 minutes or less

editPosted by Russell Matney on 26 Aug 2013
tags angularjs, coffeescript, bootstrap, yeoman

Assuming you have node and npm installed already, of course.

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20+ Technologies in 6 days at Moveline

editPosted by Russell Matney on 19 Feb 2013
tags technology

A link-filled guide to the technology that was thrown at me in my first week on the Dev team.

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How to Change Your Last Git Commit Message

editPosted by Adam Gibbons on 13 Nov 2012
tags Git

Edit your last Git commit message with git commit --amend -m.

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Debugging with Git stash

editPosted by Adam Gibbons on 02 Nov 2012
tags Git, debugging

Use git stash --index to stash only some of the stuff you're working on - or to debug those errors that don't show up in console. I'm talking to you, less/coffee fans.

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